Will your business survive the next 2 years?

What do startups have that you don’t have?

Why is net job creation attributable to young companies?



20 Week Course, Bi Weekly 1/2 Day Session

  • Created by successful St. Louis Executives, provided by University of Missouri St. Louis.
  • Powered by Gateway Venture Mentoring Services.
  • A comprehensive program for empowering established business to grow.
  • Significantly different from other business seminars or classes, FlipZone is interactive and comprehensive suing a combination of videos, customized worksheets and peer sessions to focus businesses upon those actions and disciplines critical for future success.


The Comprehensive Business Training Program is a COURSE that is a complete meal for those that are hungry for knowledge within their business. Some people have been to a college and some have not. This training program is providing knowledge that is not found in business classes or books on how to multi-task, manage risks, how to hire, how to grow and scale, and don’t forget the most important, how to survive.


Running a business requires that the business owner learns so many different facets for survival. Once may or may not know how manage all at once. This course will provide more substance, more information and more opportunities that can assist with how you manage your dram. There are 18 training courses that focus on you and your business’s growth plan for right now, next year and into retiring.


Methodology given is prepared by mentors for the Comprehensive Business Training Program. The mentors are experts with real world experience that can guide, direct, enhance and/or evolve your current business situation into a stable and growing market with increased productivity. The course has been recorded as successful with long lasting benefits. FlipZone has hand selected the best mentors that have reached higher levels of success with their business. They identify with beginning, running and even closing and exit strategy with success.


FlipZone is designed to help ventures map their plans to achieve scale. Flip is an increasingly popular instructional method in which what is traditionally taught in class is done in advance preparation and what is traditionally done as homework is done in class. The method is being heavily studied and reports show substantial gains in learning and retention. Flip has its greatest positive impact in areas where theory needs to be applied, which corresponds uniformly to subject matter useful for entrepreneurs.

University of Missouri St. Louis and GatewayVMS are teaming up to provides the opportunity to create a program with flexibility able to serve ventures having a range of needs and skill levels. It meets them where they are. By coupling the strengths of Flip with team learning and peer learning, our FlipZone program is designed to help ventures achieve maximum benefits.