Great Business Executives

Gateway Venture Mentoring Service has over 50 subject matter experts who have started, run, and sold great companies of all types. These same experts will guide you through FlipZone, which is comprised of video instruction, homework assignments, and an in-person work session. The program is intense, but you’ll be glad you put in the effort.

Professional Consultants and Executives

Our stable of great executives includes consultants and experts who guide businesses through the process of planning and implementing great next steps.  Our executives have developed the curriculum for the program and will be available to assist your company.

Great Coaches

Our mentors have developed track records of building great businesses as well as in helping other companies grow.  From startups to established businesses, we have experience in both doing and teaching.  Our mentors are committed to helping companies grow.

Designed for Busy Business Owners

FlipZone was designed to assist established companies to better achieve their business development goals. FlipZone meets you where you are, with what you know, with the skills you have, and leverages the knowledge of your peers and subject matter experts.

Curriculum Developed by Consultants and Executives

We set the goal of building a curriculum that can applied immediately at every step of the process.  Unlike an MBA program where you focus on abstraction or gigantic corporations, we built our curriculum on outstanding business processes and configured it so that you can grasp the underlying concepts and immediately implement them to immediately improve your business.

Focus on Growth and Improvement

Our curriculum takes you through a growth planning process, while identifying and shoring up weaknesses in your business.  A comprehensive analysis of your business bolsters your foundation and the growth planning process positions you to achieve your goals.

Process Inherently Customized to Your Business

Advanced business processes are built into accessible worksheets and assignments that you apply immediately to your business.  What are your key performance indicators?  How do make them better?  Who is your best next customer?  What is your best next offering?  Who is your best next hire?  How is your risk management?  All these critical items are covered using world-class practices in formats that can be grasped and applied today.

Flip Method

Our FlipZone method has two key ingredients: the flip instructional process and peer learning. In the Flip method, you will work on the aspects of your business associated with each session via video instruction and written homework assignments in your workbook.

Videos provide the conceptual background for each component and position you to apply it to your business.  The worksheets guide your internal process.

Peer Learning

You bring your prepared materials to the in-person session and receive feedback from your peers.  Other business owners and our executive mentors are the best people to evaluate your plans.  Both for encouragement and improvement.

Peer mentoring is a foundation many successful business owners use to keep themselves accountable, engaged, educated and motivated.

Rethink Tomorrow, Get Unstuck

Being consumed by the day-to-day demands of your business is normal.  Like the Stephen Covey system teaches, you need to spend time on the long term.  You need to spend time working ON your business.  Our process is comprehensive and can be applied today.

With you for the long haul

FlipZone is a service of University of Missouri Saint Louis and Gateway Venture Mentoring Service.  We have a portfolio of services available for your business when the course is completed.

Peer Mentoring Program

Bonds and benefits you build among your peers in the program can continue on through ongoing peer mentoring groups.  As a service we offer to host continuing meetings and can provide expert mentor support as well.  Plans are long term, and business owners are often the best people to keep other business owners accountable and growing.

Expert Mentoring Program

GVMS has team mentoring as its flagship program.  Your advisory board can be built in whole or in part with GVMS mentors and continue on after the program.


FlipZone will press your limits in many aspects of your business.  During the program you will do your best and achieve great benefits.  Afterwards, there are often areas where business owners want to keep building.  We offer workshops in many of the key areas of the program which you can use to revisit and advance the efforts you apply in the full program.

Intensive Expert Follow-on

Some businesses want to maintain the depth and expertise right away.  Certain areas critical to your business where you don't want to wait for the next workshop need attention right away.  Our program can provide expert one-on-one guidance in these areas as well.