A core strength of the FlipZone program involves:

  • Establishing relationships with and learning from peers.
  • Teams of four or five non-competing companies will toget
  • her throughout the program to help one another take great next steps.

Trust Matters with FlipZone.  Companies in the program will be grouped into non-competing sets of peers prior to the beginning of the program.  Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality will be established in advance.  All of the legal efforts enable, but do not ensure the benefits of groups.  Only trust can do that.

  • Trust will be built within the program,
  • At the kickoff luncheon, the teams will meet one another and work through some trust-building exercises.

The curriculum itself kicks off with what amounts to a pitch-plus session.  Ventures will explain to one another who they are, what they do and whom they serve using a variety of tools, including the lean canvas.

In presenting these things to one another, with expert guidance, the depth of the benefits of peer learning will begin.